Kamuben Shah

Grandmother of the Bride

Dipak Shah

Father of the Groom

Dilipkumar Shah

Father of the Bride

Meena Shah

Mother of the Groom

Chandrika Shah

Mother of the Bride

Neshma Shah

Sister of the Groom

Heema Choksey

Sister of the Bride

Sanket Choksey

Brother-in-Law of the Bride

Chirag Shah

Brother of the Bride

Sadinie Seneratne-Shah

Sister-in-Law of the Bride

Wedding Party

James Finlayson

Best Man

Hiren: I met James at Tiffin Boys when he joined our 6th form. Can't remember how we started talking but it was probably something about technology. I had the pleasure of being the best man at his wedding to Tenia, and couldn't think of a better person for mine.

Arti Kakkad


Sonal: We both met Arti at the University of Warwick where she became fast friends with both of us. Arti and I bonded strongly over joy of exploration, books and hugs... have been friends since.

David King


Sonal: David and I first met at primary school, and while there wasn't much bonding in the early years, we became friends after being in Maths together in secondary school. Over the years, friendship has strengthened despite someone running away to Stockholm as I moved to London.

Nicky King


Sonal: Nicky and I, met after David and Nicky started dating. I still vividly remember bonding over Buffy (well Spike), and things Joss Whedon. Nicky also ran away from London to Stockholm with her husband, but mutual visits keep us close.