• First Met

    Sonal: After many persuasions by my parents, I agreed to meet Hiren at my halls of residence at the University of Warwick. After the initial 'Hello's', we then avoided each other until second year and I'd encounter him when meeting mutual friends, who eventually convinced me he wasn't too much of a weirdo.
  • Becoming Friends

  • Revealed

    Hiren: After much debate and encouraging nudges from Arti and Bansi, I told Sonal that I liked her.  She was surprised, didn't really know what to say and would have usually tried to run away but fortunately for me she wasn't very mobile after the knee operation.
  • Woo Hoo!

    Hiren: After a few days Sonal decided to share her thoughts over MSN Messenger (those were the days).  She thought she liked me but wasn't too sure... at least it was better than not liking me.
  • First Date

    Sonal: Cautiously venturing from friendship to relationship, we went for dinner at Pizza Express (which continues to be a favourite) before meeting friends for drinks later on in the evening.
  • 5 Year Anniversary & Proposal

    Sonal: 5 Year Anniversary lunch at Gymkhana followed by a visit to Kyoto Garden which had peacocks! Using the peacocks to initially distract me, Hiren proposed as we were leaving the gardens. We then celebrated with champagne at The Roof Gardens & following by more champagne at Vertigo 42.

    I'm pretty sure Sonal had guessed but she seems to be pretty good at pushing "scary" things out of her head. If anything she was using the peacocks to distract herself, and didn't notice that I was actually wearing the ring (thanks Louise) on my finger for about an hour. The first words I heard after I proposed were "where did that come from?".
  • Indian Engagement

  • Wedding

    After 2 years and lots of planning we're getting married! Indian ceremony, followed by Civil and then the Reception.